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Alexdawn Bus Lines Ltd. is a family owned bus company with it's headquarters located in Edson, Alberta.    Our school busses have seating capacities of 76 passengers.  We operate motor coaches with seating capacities ranging from 26 to 47 passengers.  In total we travel in excess of 750,000 kms  per year. Most of the motor coaches have one row of seats removed to increase the leg room between the remaining seats.  Our 43 and 47 passengers coaches are equipped with washrooms.

Alexdawn Bus Lines Ltd. takes pride in providing top services to our customers by paying close attention to the details of every aspect of our operations, from the people we employ to our rigorous preventive maintenance system.

Alexdawn Bus Lines Ltd. provides Passenger Directed Charter Services, School Bussing Services, and Contracted Services to our customers.  Our Drivers, Maintenance Personnel, Administrative Support and Managers are trained to provide the unique services that each service division demands.

Company Profile

Alexdawn Bus Lines Ltd. recognizes that each of our customers have unique needs and requirements.  We  keep our organizational structure flexible and responsive, and empower all our staff to satisfy your requirements.  Further more, we recognize that our growth and success depends on our ability to provide solutions that helps your company or organization flourish.

Alexdawn Bus Lines Ltd. is a member of:

Alexdawn Bus Lines Ltd. was formed in 2006 when we bought the Edson, Alberta operations from Dickens Bus Lines Ltd.  We started with 6 full time employees and a contract to provide three motor coaches to transport employees to and from a coal mine in the Edson area.  Today, our fleet includes 9 MCI coaches, 3 schools busses and one 26 passenger mini-bus, and our full time positions have grown to 18.

Contact Information

Company Owners:    Linda and Larry Plett

General Manager:    Trevor Plett

Administrative Controller:    JoAnn Hadler

780 723-1815
780 712-7684
Postal address
315 - 59 Street, Edson, Alberta. T7E 1R8
Electronic mail
General Information: t.plett@alexdawn.ca
Charter Services:    joann.hadler@alexdawn.ca
Contracted Services: garry.henning@alexdawn.ca
Webmaster: webmaster@alexdawn.ca

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